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Win on the shelf...

We deliver synergy between brand strategy and field activation. Our team focus on the tasks that help your brand chase gold on the shelf.

The landscape has changed...


Retail is a dynamic environment and the needs of brand owners are constantly evolving. The traditional cookie cutter approach to field support no longer cuts the mustard. Brand owners are looking for fresh thinking and new ways to efficiently and effectively support their brand strategy at the coal face.

Retail Tasker delivers fresh thinking and a modern approach to solving this problem. In an industry first, we have developed a unique resource model that allows us to deliver flexibility to our clients.


Control is key, our clients enjoy dynamic scheduling, freedom to invest in the stores that deliver the best returns and the ability to scale as required. This coupled with world class technology, verified data integrity and speed to information, deliver a powerful field activation solution for the modern retail environment.


Dynamic Reach

You decide when, where and the frequency of the call required. 

Focus & Control

Carry out the tasks that drive performance and eliminate wasted time, giving you control and confidence in the result.


The ability to customise your experience, scale up and down when it's required.

Stay Informed


Access real time mission information as data is collected in the field. Verify in-store execution mirrors company strategy. Identify trends and lower level detail to facilitate quality decisions with the agility to change direction where required.

How we work...



We connect with your team, listen to ensure we can identify the tasks that will deliver the desired outcomes.


This process eliminate wasted time during the call and optimises your investment.



Set-up tasks for the basis of a customised client mission. Missions are deployed to our team via our technology platform. 


Each team member is responsible for a number of stores within their territory. We employ sophisticated mapping technology to ensure store allocation is manageable and focuses on minimising travel time and cost.


Location & Frequency


We cover all states and territories in Australia including Tasmania with excellent cover across major regional centres.


Our underlying philosophy is that we need to be able to cover every store in a given week. You may see 'high coverage' claims in the trade, but frequently many regional stores are only able to be serviced on a very low annual call rate, sometimes only a few times per year.

Speed to Data


We partner with GoSpotCheck to empower our team in the field.


Access to information quickly is critical to the decision making process. GSC gives our verification team access to live data ensuring we can keep you across mission progress and results as data is collected in the field. You stay informed and in control.




Information is aggregated instantly via the GSC dashboard to deliver up to the minute results.


Deeper analysis is also available to allow us to identify trends and lower level detail to facilitate quality decisions with the agility to change direction where required.

How we work
George Gabriel, Director, Thrive Collective

"We’ve been working with Retail Tasker since 2020 and the experience has been fantastic!"

Tony and his team have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dealing with independents as well as adding value with major grocery and liquor groups through trial implementations and securing over and above off locations displays.

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